Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maurice Sendak

As many of you know, acclaimed author and illustrator Maurice Sendak died this week.

I have to say...growing up, I was not of the norm.  I was not a fan of his well know, highly publicized children's book, "Where the Wild Things Are".  The book plain out scared the be-jebers out of me.

I had no desire what so ever to go anywhere where crazy animals were "roaring their terrible roars, or gnashing their terrible teeth."  I was SCARED.

I was sure that if I were to go to "Where the Wild Things Are", I would not be able to control the nasty beasts with the simple words, be still.

As an adult, I never remembered why I didn't like the book...I just knew I didn't.  Then my elementary aged kiddo brought the book home and I read it with them.  It was then as an adult that I realized what had happened.  Max got sent to his room and it was all a dream!!  The animals were just a dream.

It was then that I felt a little frustrated.  Why hadn't some adult in my life explained that to me?  I want to encourage any adult, when reading this book, explain that Max acted naughty and was sent to his room. Explain that he fell asleep...explain that all those terrible animals were just a dream....Don't assume that kids know...I was a smart kid, but I didn't have a clue.

I want to thank Mr. Sendack for the book, "Where the Wind Things Are".  It has taught me many lessons in life:
1.  Stand up and face your fears.
2.  Take time to explain things to children.
3.  Lots of problems between parents and kids can be solved with a nap and a warm supper.

If you are looking for printables for the book, "Where the Wild Things Are" you can find them here at Making Learning Fun.

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