Thursday, February 19, 2015

Healthy Infant Meals

Childcare isn't a 40 hour a week job especially if you are planning healthy meals for an infant.  Even for meals when kids aren't at my house I'm thinking ahead to when the childcare kids are at my house.

Monday evening supper for my family was a roast from the crock pot along with roasted carrots and potatoes.  It was an easy meal for to throw in the crock pot during nap time.

I simply sprayed my crock pot with cooking spray.  I put the pot roast in the pot and poured a packet of dry onion soup mix over the top.  Then I set it for four hours on high.  At the two hour mark I added red potatoes and carrots.  I purposely put extra potatoes and carrots in the pot knowing the next day I'd have them cooked and ready to make into baby food for the little one in my care.

The next day I took some of the carrots, potatoes and left over roast beef and put them in a bowl.  With the immersion blender, it was baby food in no time at all.

I purposely made extra, put half in a bowl and froze it making sure to label it.  In a few days I am sure there will come a day when what I'm feeding the preschool kids won't be infant friendly.  I have this food in the freezer on reserve.

It's great to save money on baby food and best yet.  It's good to see the little ones in my care eat the least amount of commercially processed food as possible.

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