Friday, February 27, 2015

Book Review: Ten Dogs in the Window

When I was out thrifting I came across a wonderful book that I haven't seen before, Ten Dogs in the Window by Claire Masurel.

Lucky for me I got my copy for 10 cents but I can tell you it's well worth the money to purchase a copy new.

The text of the book is repetitive and my kiddos love that.  They "read" along with me.

The story starts as a pet shop owner puts 10 dogs who are up for adoption in the window.  As people walk by they look at the dogs and pick one to take home with them.  It's a great way to start conversations.  The fireman picks the dalmatian.  The poodle is picked by a clown and taught to do tricks.  All the dogs are chosen until in the end, one dog is left...a beagle.

It's a lonely little beagle in the window all alone until a family comes along and takes him home.

Of course the countdown from 10 to 1 is fun.  It's also fun to guess which dog is going home with which person.  It promoted lots of talk between the children and I.  We talked about the different dog species and how a jogger would want a dog who could run fast so a little dog wouldn't be a good choice for a jogger.

I highly recommend the book.  It's fun, educational and is a great starting point for learning about the various dog breeds.


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