Monday, June 4, 2012

SUPER EASY Kid Made Individual Cupcakes

I love baking with kids but sometimes, it's a lot of work and quite messy.  This recipe is easy and not very messy at all!


Here's a cupcake kids can make on their own and even in a classroom setting.  Before you introduce them in a classroom setting please note gluten allergies because these are definitely NOT GLUTEN FREE.

For ingredients you need one box of regular cake mix any flavor.  One box of angel food cake mix.  Water.


Mix one box of dry cake mix...(We used vanilla but you can use any flavor) with one box of angel food cake mix.  Just mixing the dry cake mixes together.  Put it all in a is your new go to microwave cake mix.

Now to make a an actual a small microwaveable cup:  Mix 3 Tablespoons of the cake mix with 2 Tablespoons of water.  Stir it up good and microwave for 1:45 minutes.  (My microwave is low wattage.  If your's is high wattage try a smaller amount of time the first time you make it)   Keep the remaining mix in a airtight bag or container for the next baking day.
In two minutes (or maybe a bit less) you will have a cupcake.  Let it cool.  Invert from container.  Frost and of course add sprinkles.


How easy way that!!  Baking is a great way to add a little counting skills but more importantly self help skills into your child's day.

These would be great to make for Dad for Father's Day!  To see a strawberry shortcake version head over to my other blog.  Baking with kids is What Works for Me.  I am sharing this recipe at The Mommy Club.


  1. What a great idea! I've tried other microwave cake recipes and haven't liked them much. The fact that this incorporates an angel mix makes me think that the density of the cupcake is probably very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Congrats, Jo! Your link was my #3 most clicked link in The Mommy Club this past week! Whoot! Whoot! Your project is being featured on my Blog. Stop over and check it out. I will also pin it to pinterest!

    The new The Mommy Club linky is also up and running! Stop over and share something else with us! Love your blog,


  3. What an easy recipe! Unfortunately we have egg allergies and can't use the angel food cake mix :(

  4. How many "mugs" does this recipe make (1 box of angel food and 1 box or reg cake mix)? I am using this in my classroom for cooking week and want to make sure I purchase enough. Thanks!