Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Better than Squirt Guns

It's really hot and humid day here in Northeast's been that way for several days in a row.  It reminds  me of the days my kiddos would beg to have a water fight.

I loved water fights...but I just hated the idea of kids using squirt guns.

I know, I know, maybe I was a bit of a prude but I will readily admit that guns, regardless of the type are just not my style.  It's something that goes way back to my childhood when my brother pointed a real gun at me that supposedly wasn't loaded.  I yelled to tell my mom that my brother was pointing a gun at me.  My brother pointed the gun at the ceiling and said, "Quit being a baby.  See it isn't load."  He pointed the gun at the ceiling, and pulled the trigger.  The bullet discharged from the gun and shot a hole through the ceiling of the kitchen.

After that whole experience I just do not like guns in any shape or form including squirt guns.

So how did my kids have a water fight? With water makes sense to me.

Just save your old water bottles with the pull top lids, refill them and let them squirt each other.  As the kids squeeze the bottle, the water sprays out.  Ketchup bottles work great too.

The other great news is that they are free and you can have lots of them stationed around your play area.

As parents and care providers, it's great that we set up rules and policies like "No Guns", but it's also important that we provide other options so that kids can feel normal too.


  1. Oh my gosh! I don't blame you for not liking guns. After that experience I would be freaked out by them too. Plus I don't like them either anyway. Never got them for my kids that I can remember. Maybe once. I am glad you were okay physically after that.

    Great idea to use the bottles. Something I used to do with my kids is a have a bucket of water filled with nerf balls. Remember those. Then they threw those at each other. It was great fun on a hot day. They thought so anyway.


  2. Great idea Jo! I've been having mine run through the sprinkler as I water the lawn... something I did as a kid to cool off.