Friday, April 6, 2012

We and They

My family is observing Good Friday today. It's an important part of our family's faith.

This craft can be found here at Making Learning Fun.

I realize and know that each family practices their own faith and their own religion. Here are a few things I have observed.

My husband and I have raised our children in a community that is
predominantly of the Catholic religion. Our family however, is Lutheran. While attending our local public school, our children have experienced mocking and criticism in regards to their faith. It wasn't horrible, yet, it was there and it shouldn't have happened.

As educators, we have a responsibility to teach our children acceptance of others. When talking about religious issues, I encourage educators to use the words "some people" observe Passover..."some people" observe Easter. To often people use the words "we" and "they". "We eat fish on Fridays"..."they don't eat fish on Fridays". The words "we" and "they" give children the impression that there are two sides, one right, one wrong. "We" are the good side of the issue and "they" are the bad side of issue. Although the difference is slight, and people who are saying the words probably don't mean to be inclusive or exclusive, children can still pick up on the message.

When working with children it is important to use our words carefully.

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  1. Great food for thought. We have been trying hard to teach our children what we believe without being critical of those of others. Children are very impressionable and they really do make judgements that we might not be intending to pass along.