Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keeping Track of Days

Life is always hectic in the summer coordinating all the days when you have events or celebrations.  Kids seem to be hyper waiting for the special weekend at grandma's, pool days, movie night, or family picnics.

Rather than listen to the constant "how many days before", why not give them the tools to manage their own calendar.  For little ones, a linear calendar can sometimes be easier for them to understand and manage.

You can find resources to make one here at Making Learning Fun.

Print the calendar on legal paper.  Cut and assemble.  Laminate for extended use.  Hang on a wall.  Put the holidays or special event pieces in place on your calendar.  There are blank cards on page four so you can create events that are important to you and your family.

Now practice with your kids saying the days of the week.  Point our which day today is.  Now you can ask, "How many more days until we go to the pool?"  Kids will have this tool to help them be able to figure it out all on their own.

You can make four of these and put them together to create a whole month for older kids.  Even older kids can use our full sized calendar pages.  I used these with our youngest and she loved them!

Teaching kids to manage time is an important...after all isn't it a skill we all have to learn??
Learning about the days of the week and calendars is a great way to practice math skills and counting and even personal management skills.  You can do this with kids and they will never know that they are learning...and that is all part of "making learning fun".

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