Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book Review and Giveaway

Sleeping Bear Press sent me a great book to review, Track that Scat! by Lisa Morlock and Carrie Anne Bradshaw.

It's a really cute book.  The premise is that Finn, the girl in the story, goes for a walk in the woods with her dog.  While she's walking she sees animal tracks and steps in animal poo.  Through the process Finn sees all sorts of animals from the woods, a rabbit, raccoon, skunk, goose and more.  Information breaks away from the story that you can ignore or read.

The information tells about each particular animal's scat (poo) and their tracks.  It also tells about the animals habits as well as other interesting facts for example did you a rabbit eats it's own poo??

Any educator who is teaching about animals from the woods will likely enjoy the book.

I've been an educator long enough to know that any book that talks about poo, burping or other bodily functions, although disgusting, is a book the kids love.

There is a great sing song rhyme to the words that makes it fun to read and fun to listen too.

All in all, it's a cute book and would make a great addition to any child's or teacher's library.

Would you like to win a copy of the book?  Just leave a comment here on this post.

Last week's winner of Delia's Dull Day by Andy Myer donated by Sleeping Bear Press is..........
Angela Howell.


  1. Oh this book sounds so perfect for my little boy! We'd love to win it :)

  2. Would love to win! Looks like an awesome book. Thanks for the review, Cathy.

  3. Our Pre-K - K homeschool will once again be studying the Forest this coming Sept. Since we live in the National Forest, each year during fire season we study Forestry & Smokey the Bear. This book will be an EXCELLENT addition to our curriculum. I have some books similar in content but not at this level. I am going to purchase if I do not win.

  4. No doubt my son would love this book.

  5. How fun! We would love it!

  6. Can a teacher from Russia enter? If so, I'd love to receive this book.

  7. I just learned about this website last night when I went to a presentation about Busy Bags and things to keep your kids learning and having fun while you are trying to get things like housework done or appointments or long car rides....Laycie Haas and I look forward to checking out this website for more ideas

  8. I know exactly what you mean about kids and bodily functions!!! We would be all over this one for sure! Also we are quite outdoors folks and love to read